"The amount of time, hard work & early mornings our Quality Team puts into every single one of our customers' mix designs sets the bar that which others should strive to achieve" - May 7th, 2019.


American Concrete is independently owned/operated and just one of the branches of the 37 Building Products tree that produces and delivers some of the highest quality Concrete in North Texas. We take Quality very seriously, so serious in fact, that Ken Vickers, LEED AP BD+C with over 25+ years of experience, represented American Concrete in a recent competition sponsored by TACA (Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association).


Ken Vickers, LEED AP BD+C, who is the Technical Services Manager for 37 Building Products, LTD. / American Concrete, oversees all mix designs for American Concrete and leads a team consisting of Brandon Eoff, Chris Rainey and Annalee Garcia. Ken and our certified, hard working Quality Assurance team ensure that everyone of our customers concrete mix design requirements are of the highest quality in the industry.


TACA sent out a member invitation to include some of the largest names in the Ready-Mixed concrete industry. The challenge was to determine the ability of the participant to create a High Early Strength Concrete mix design. The guidelines were set forth by TACA and were designed to be restrictive and limited to normal curing requirements, according to ASTM. While 37 Building Products / American Concrete is an independent, locally owned and operated company that started in Weatherford, TX - Ken Vickers and his team took this challenge head on and they absolutely delivered.


1st PLACE - Ken Vickers (37 Building Products, Ltd/American Concrete) created a highly engineered concrete mix design that achieved a compressive strength of 12,458 psi, surpassing the 2nd place winner of the competition by more than 2,700 psi in 7 days!

This is an incredible result that cements 37 Building Products / American Concrete in the industry of producing and delivering some of the highest quality Ready-Mixed concrete in North Texas! This is an outstanding and highly revered achievement for 37 Building Products / American Concrete and our customers!

37 Building Products, Ltd / American Concrete is honored to achieve this extraordinary accomplishment with the expertise of Ken Vickers and QA team. Next time you see Ken, Brandon, Chris and Annalee - shake their hand. They deserve the recognition!